Baby Teeth

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Those adorable toothless grins in kids aren’t always easy to come by.  Sometimes loose teeth pop out with a bite of an apple, but most of the time they seem to wiggle and dangle for ages.

So what to do with stuck baby teeth?  Dr. Wilcox recommends, first, relax.  It’s not uncommon for a baby tooth to take a month to six weeks to fall out. While you’re waiting, have your child do the “tooth dance,” as Dr. Wilcox calls it.  Have them wash their hands and wiggle the tooth back and forth, and side to side, and give a twist.

Avoid the string-and-doorknob method.  It’s just too dramatic and traumatic.  If a tooth needs a little encouragement, scrub you hands, then use some cotton gauze to get a grip on the tooth.  Wiggle it back and forth and side to side.  When it feels really loose, give it a sharp tug and out it’ll come.

If it doesn’t come out easily, ask for advice from you Glendale, Arizona dentist.  You don’t want this to be a major crisis in the child’s life.  Some kids just have a harder time of it than others.

As our focus is on providing the finest in Phoenix Cosmetic dentistry for adults, we recommend the following high quality Pedodontists in our area.

Dr. Jane Thomason, at Arrowhead Children’s Dentistry, 623.825.0100
Drs. Joel and Chad Arthur, Affiliated Children’s Dental Specialists 623.362.1150

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