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Glendale Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox and Oral Cancer Detection

Study results have shown that a clinical oral examination alone may not detect with reliability between benign, dysplastic lesions and oral squamous cell carcinoma.  Some early stage cancer lesions may manifest in oral mucosa that appears to be normal to the naked eye during an examination.  The fact that oral squamous cell carcinomas are diagnosed at an advanced stage emphasizes the need for improving the visual oral examination provided by your hygienist or dentist.  That is why we have incorporated the OralID technology into our Glendale dental practice to save lives of those we are priv

Foods to Eat after Oral Surgery

After an oral surgery procedure, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, you will be advised to stick largely to liquids and soft foods as your mouth heals.

Glendale cosmetic dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox will thoroughly review your dietary guidelines with you prior to your cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedure. Individual recommendations will vary depending on the procedure itself and your unique condition.

Diet and Dentistry

“You are what you eat.”

You’ve probably heard this cliché so much that you disregard it when it’s said with any seriousness. Yet, like many clichés, there is some truth in the phrase; your diet affects both your dental health and your overall health.

During your regular dental check-ups, Glendale, Arizona, dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox of Desert Smiles can discuss how what you eat impacts your dental health and answer your questions about ways to improve your diet and your systemic health.

Buying a Mechanical Toothbrush

Although a soft-bristled, manual toothbrush is perfectly fine for maintaining good oral health (provided that you brush at least twice a day followed by flossing at least once daily), mechanical toothbrushes have become increasingly popular.

During your regular dental check-ups, Phoenix dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox can answer your questions about the best toothbrushes for your unique oral health needs, and help you determine if a mechanical toothbrush is right for you.

Gums and Oral Health

Healthy gums are important to both your oral health and your overall systemic health.

Experienced Glendale, Arizona, dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox and the friendly team at Desert Smiles understand the value of healthy gums and emphasize preventive dentistry in an effort to help you maintain a bright, healthy smile and address potential issues before they become dental health problems.


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