A Sports Mouth Guard With Instant Results

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In the past couple of weeks we have fitted several PPM's (Pure Power Mouthguards) here at DesertSmiles.  In each instance the bite obtained has had significant, if not amazing results, in strength, flexibility and balance.   How can that possibly be?  A mouthguard is a mouthguard, right?  If you ask the recent athletes we have fitted they would give you a resounding no!!  How?

The majority of us have un-aligned jaws causing our entire bodies to work inefficiently.  This creates facial muscles which are not in their most relaxed position which affects the entire body posture.  This has an impact on athletic performance.  You have been functioning in this body for so long you do not realize it is not working as effectively as it could be.

With the proper jaw alignment, your entire body's core instantly becomes aligned allowing for it to be stronger and more balanced.  Without exerting any more effort than previously, you will experience improved endurance with a PPM.  Your range of motion will immediately be expanded.

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