ArizonaCenter for Dental Sleep Medicine Completes AADSM Facility Accreditation

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We are happy to announce we have completed the Facility Accreditation Process administered by the AmericanAcademy of Dental Sleep Medicine.  The ArizonaCenter for Dental Sleep Medicine is only the second office in Arizona to complete this rigorous examination and the first office in the greater Phoenix area. AADSM Dental Sleep Medicine Facility Accreditation was created to recognize competency and delivery of optimal care to dental sleep medicine patients.  By achieving AADSM accreditation, a facility display to patients, medical professionals and reimbursement decision-makers that it meets the high standards necessary to provide quality care. Dental sleep medicine facilities that seek accreditation through the AADSM must meet the quality measures outlined in the Standards for Accreditation of Dental Sleep Medicine Facilities. These Standards aim to ensure that an accredited facility demonstrates Proficiency, Practice and Professionalism regarding the treatment of patient with sleep-related breathing disorders. All areas of providing care to sleep patients is examined including patient forms and documentation, standards of care for oral appliance therapy, medical billing, and successful case presentations of success with oral appliance therapy documented by pre and post treatment sleep studies.  Following submission of extensive documentation a virtual visit was completed by the AADSM. Phoenix dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox can help provide sleep solutions for your snoring or sleep apnea issues at our Glendale dental sleep medicine office.