Cosmetic Dental Bonding for a Smile Makeover; Phoenix dentist Dr Donald Wilcox

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Phoenix cosmetic dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox creates life changing smile makeovers routinely at our Glendale dental office.  The majority of cases are done with porcelain veneers due to their superior esthetics and longevity.  Not everyone's budget will allow for the ideal treatment at the current place they are in life, but that does not make their smile and self image any less important or valuable to their well being and success.  This is a case where cosmetic dental bonding was used to totally transform a smile and self confidence of a lovely young lady.  It is true a picture is worth a thousand words.  She is thrilled to say the least with her new smile and enhanced appearance.  In addition to the cosmetic bonding, our diode laser allowed a more even gum line to be created. along with more pleasing tooth length.  For more information on what the cosmetic dentistry provided by Dr. Donald Wilcox to patients from Glendale, Suprise, and Phoenix could do for you, visit