Can Toothaches be Caused by Sinus Problems?

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Toothaches can be caused by several different factors, including tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, infection, and trauma. However, in certain cases, tooth pain can also be directly caused by sinus problems. Toothaches caused by sinus problems tend to affect the upper-rear teeth, since these teeth are in the closest relationship to your sinus cavities. If your sinuses or inflamed or swollen – for example, during a sinus infection – they can place pressure on these teeth, as well as the surrounding areas of your face.

If you have extremely small nasal passages, or your sinuses have been otherwise deformed by a physical trauma, this can also lead to problems that cause toothaches. Toothaches from sinus issues tend to come and go, but it’s important to treat the underlying problem to prevent issues in the future.

Research also shows that people who frequently get sinus infections face a higher risk of cavities and impacted wisdom teeth. If you have chronic sinus problems that are leading to toothaches, it’s important to treat your sinus problems before they continue to cause progressively painful dental health issues.

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