Causes of Cavities

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Bacteria are constantly on the move in your mouth. While most bacteria are not harmful and are actually helpful, certain types can attach themselves to your tooth enamel and multiply into a colony if not removed. Proteins from your saliva will mix with these bacteria and create a whitish film on your teeth called plaque. This is what causes cavities. Sugar and Cavities Sugar plays the leading role in the formation of cavities. The bacteria that form together and become plaque use sugar as a source of energy. This allows them to multiply faster, resulting in plaque that grows in thickness and volume. Some of the bacteria even turn sugar into a glue-type substance that they use to stick themselves to your tooth’s surface. To make matters worse, nerve fibers are not present in tooth enamel, so you can not feel when the acid is attacking your tooth enamel. Only after the acid has begun creating a cavity and attacks the dentin under the enamel will you feel tooth sensitivity or dental pain. By the time this occurs, you already have tooth decay. By brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and maintaining routine checkups, including cleanings, your dentist can help identify the early stages of decay and stop cavities before they form. Do not wait until your mouth is painful. If you live in the Glendale or Peoria, Arizona area and are searching for a qualified dentistry practice, please contact our Glendale dentistry office today to learn about the services we offer.