Correcting Bad Dental Work

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High-quality dental work can improve your health and enhance your self-esteem. Bad dental work, on the other hand, can lead to pain, anxiety and embarrassment. Poor dental work is frustrating and devastating, because it should have been prevented. Desert Smiles in Scottsdale, Arizona, has the modern technology to correct bad dental work. With his talent and expertise, Dr. Donald Wilcox, DDS can fix your teeth and give you the smile you want and deserve. Dealing With Bad Dental Work The best way to try and avoid bad dental work is to choose a highly qualified dentist like Dr. Wilcox. If you have already suffered from bad dental work, there are options. Experienced dentists know how to address severe dental problems, as if a patient has never seen a dentist. The dentists at Desert Smiles have the knowledge and skills, along with the tools and technology to fix a number of problems, including: •Crooked or misshapen teeth •Unevenly spaced or missing teeth •Chipped, cracked or fractured teeth •Discolored or stained teeth •Unsightly fillings If you have been a victim of bad dental work and you live in Scottsdale or Peoria, Arizona, please contact the Scottsdale dentists at Desert Smiles to learn more about how our dental team can enhance your smile.