Dental Cosmetic Reconstruction Transform Appearance; Phoenix Dentist Dr. Don Wilcox

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Excessive wear  and severe discoloration of teeth from a poor bite, grinding at night, and acid reflux damage created a life changeing transformation once restored with full mouth emax all porcelain restorations.  Outgoing and successful in the business world, the worn and discolored smile gave the wrong impression to contacts personally and professionally and created a guarded smile.  The new smile portrays a strong, vibrant and confident image in harmony with his personality.  No more guarded smiles!!  At DesertSmiles Phoenix and Glendale dentist Dr. Don Wilcox creates cosmetic transformations that change lives.  For a no charge consultation to see what could be done to give you  the smile you have always wanted call our Glendale cosmetic dental office at 602-978-1790.  For more smile makeovers visit the Smile Gallery at[gallery]