Dental Myths

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Dentistry has been around for a long time, and during this time many dental myths have developed. Debunking dental myths is an important part of avoiding tooth decay, because many of these myths encourage poor dental hygiene habits.

Common dental myths include:

Myth: You will feel a cavity if you have one.

Fact: Tooth decay only causes symptoms in the most advanced stage. You won’t feel early cavities, so regular dental visits are necessary to spot decay and stop its progression.

Myth: Baby teeth do not have to be cleaned.

Fact: It is important to start an oral hygiene routine when your baby’s first tooth appears. Babies are still susceptible to decay, which can spread to permanent teeth and the gums.

Myth: Hard, medium and soft toothbrushes are really all the same.

Fact: Soft bristled brushes apply less force to your teeth and gums, while still cleaning teeth effectively. The abrasiveness of hard bristled toothbrushes can cause gum recession and wear down your teeth.

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