DesertSmiles Attend Advanced Continuing Education: Phoenix Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

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Dr Donald Wilcox and his professional hygiene staff of Sarah, Kellie, and Bethany attened the annual session of the Perio Protect Tray System for improved oral and systemic health.  Dentists and hygienists from around the country attended the two day seminar on the latest in controlling oral bacteria and their impact on systemic health.  Many speakers presented the latest in research and techniques, including Perio Protect inventor Dr. Duane Keller and one of the formost authorities on the connection of oral bacteria to heart disease Bradley Bale MD.  Dr. Bale presented a very recent research article which concludes oral bacteria are not just related to heart disease but are definitely causal to heart disease. Controlling the oral biofilm using Perio Protect trays on a daily basis is the finest treatment available in dentistry today. 

For the finest in non surgical gum therapy including Perio Protect trays, visit for more information.  Many of our Phoenix and Glendale patients are enjoying better periodontal health and reducing their risk to heart disease and diabetes using the Perio Protect trays, including Dr. Wilcox himself.