Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

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Earlier this year we installed a new digital x-ray system which is working very well. As we pursue to be the best in Phoenix cosmetic dentistry, we incorporate the latest technology whenever appropriate. In the past we used the traditional films developed in a darkroom. This entire process in know outmoded by the digital 'sensor'. It is positioned briefly inside your mouth where it acts like a small VCR camera. This type of picture results in more comfort due to the rounded corners of the sensor. Our patients at DesertSmiles are now exposed to 60-90% les radiation than the x-rays of the past.

Another great benefit is the highly detailed image is instantaneously tanslated onto our computer screen. This image can be rotated, magnified, adjusted for contrast, and even color-coded for educaitonal purposes. It can be viewed on the patient tv screen to serve as a visual aid for discussions and education regarding the condition of your mouth and treatment options. Further, we can store it easily and efficiently in our computer , eliminating paper files. The digital image can be easily reproduced many times for insurance purposes, referrals or patient education.