Durathin Veneers (High Quality Alternative to Lumineers by Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

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Durathin veneers are a non-prep technique which has been popularized by advertising of Lumineers you may have seen on TV or in print advertising. These are US made and not outsourced to China as much dental laboratory work is these days to cut costs. We will never compromise quality at DesertSmiles. Only 20% of patients have a situation that can be treated entirely with a no-prep technique without seriously compromising results. But we are doing more hybrid cases where as many teeth as possible are left unprepared and those requiring preparation are treated as conservatively as possible. For more information about Lumineers and non-prep alternatives by Glendale cosmetic dentist Dr. Don Wilcox, visit our smile gallery at www.DesertSmiles.com. For the finest in Glendale and Peoria sedation and implant dentistry, or Arizona snoring and sleep apnea treatment visit our Glendale cosmetic office DesertSmiles.