Excercise and Sleep; Phoenix Sleep Apnea Dentist Dr. Wilcox

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A new study from Northwestern Medicine that will be published in the journal Sleep Medicine showed serious promise to the dramatic effects of exercise on people diagnosed with insomnia.  The people in the exercise group fared far better than the non-exercise group when it came to their sleep quality, improved mood, increased vitality and less daytime sleepiness. Aerobic exercise has shown to aid in sleep primarily by doing two thing: 1) helping you fall asleep quicker; and 2) plunging you into deep sleep for a longer period of time, which is where you need to be to feel refreshed and restored the next day.  More growth hormone is released which aids in repairing and rejuvenating the body. For more information about snoring and sleep apnea dental medicine in Phoenix, visit sleep apnea dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox.  For beautiful Phoenix veneers visit www.DesertSmiles.com.