Full Mouth Reconstruction With Neuromuscular Dentistry;Phoenix Dentist Dr. Don Wilcox

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This great guy had worn his teeth severly over the years to where the lower front teeth were down to the gum line.  A neuromuscular orthotic was used to reestablish the proper height for his teeth and face and to insure long term muscular comfort following reconstruction.  Once established all remaining teeth were restored with porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers to create a terrific, younger looking smile and face due to proper support.  Visit the gallery at www.DesertSmiles.com for more examples of smiles and faces of Phoenix and Glendale patients who's bites have been restored by Phoenix dentist Dr. Don Wilcox.  Visit our Glendale dental office DesertSmiles for a complimentary consultation regarding the possiblities for your smile.