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If you have attempted treatment with a CPAP device , but could not tolerate it, you are not alone. Even though CPAP is the gold standard for the treatment of sleep apnea, only 30% of people with sleep apnea are a succesful user of CPAP. If you can not tolerate the CPAP device due to:

- mask leaks
- unable to get the mask to fit properly
- discomfort caused by the straps and headgear
- disturbed or interrupted sleep caused by the presence of the device
- noise from the device disturbing your sleep and/or bed partner's sleep
- CPAP restricts movements during sleep
- CPAP does not seem effective
- pressure on the upper lip causing tooth related problems
- a latex allergy
- claustrophobic associations
- an unconscious need to remove the CPAP apparatus at night
- you travel a lot

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Sleep magazine reports untreated patients with an apnea index >20, had a 36% decrease in 8 yr. survival rate.

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Dr. Donald Wilcox