Single Tooth Implant Replacements; Phoenix Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

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There are two primary options in dentistry today to replace a single missing tooth.  A traditional fixed bridge requires a crown to be placed on each tooth adjacent to the missing tooth with a fake replacement tooth connecting the two crowns.  The other option is a dental implant that eliminates the need to restore adjacent teeth.  A man-made root is placed in the bone in the area of the missing tooth.  Once healed a crown can be attacted to the implant to restore the missing tooth.  Above you can see the actual crown seated in the patient's mouth along with an xray showing the implant that was placed in the bone to support the crown.  This created the most natural replacement of a missing tooth possible in dentistry today.  At our Glendale dental office we perform many implant replacements for patients from Phoenix and Glendale.  For more information regarding implant dentistry visit  For a complimentary consult regarding cosmetic dentistry, implant or sleep dentistry call DesertSmiles at 602-978-1790.