Implant Supported Restorations; Phoenix Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

Glendale Dentist Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, and nearby areas in Arizona our quest to always provide the latest and best possible dental solutions, Dr. Wilcox attended a continuing education course at the Glidewell International Technology Center in Irvine California this past weekend.  The course was focused on full-arch implant solutions including overdentures and the popular fixed zirconium restoration.  Dr. Paresh Patel served as the instructor for the course. 

Denture wearers or patients faced with losing teeth no longer have to wear something removable in their mouth.  With implant supported options fixed restorations are now available that do not require removal.  The zirconium restoration provides great esthetic results and is incredibly durable.  We are currently providing this service in our office and having excellent results.  If you would like a complimentary consultation to see if you would be a candidate for this procedure call our staff at DesertSmiles at 602-978-1790.

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