Improve Your Smile by Sleeping More; Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Don Wilcox

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At our Phoenix cosmetic dental office, we transform many lives by giving Arizona dental patients new smiles they can feel great about.  Feeling great about our weight can be a reason to smile!  In his new book "The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Lose Weight through Better Sleep, Michael J. Breus, PhD shows how sleep can boost your metabolism, decrease your hunger, and increase your willpower and energy levels.  Find out more about this valuable information source at Dr. Breus has referred our Glendale sleep apnea office many patients to help them with snoring and sleep apnea.  In his recent posting on The Insomnia Blog, he recently reported research findings that sleep deprivation may actually make you eat more. When compared to other women who had slept nine hours, those who had slept four hours took in 329 more calories. When compared to other men who had slept nine hours, those who had slept four hours consumed 263 more calories. If this can happen with only one night of sleep deprivation, when you do the math you can see why sleep disorders such as sleep apnea are highly correlated with obesity.  For alternatives to CPAP for snoring and sleep apnea, visit Phoenix sleep dentist Dr. Don Wilcox at the Arizona Center for Dental Sleep Medicine in Glendale.  For the finest in cosmetic and implant dentistry in Phoenix and Peoria, see for more information.