Lack of Sleep Increases Desire for Junk Food; Phoenix Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

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According to recent research for UC Berkeley, activity in the brain's frontal lobe was diminished after just one poor night of sleep.  This region of the brain plays an important role in food-related decisions.  Thus sleep may be affecting our ability to make healthy decisions about what foods to eat, rather than causing us to crave healthy foods more intensely when we are tired.  Another study at New York's St. Lukes Hospital and Columbia University also found lack of sleep may be fueling your junk food habit. Weight gain associated with poor diet and poor sleep can agrevate and worsen obstructive sleep apnea and create a vicious cycle of worsening weight gain, increased snoring and lack of quality of sleep from obstructive arousals during the night.  At our Glendale sleep facility we help patents from Phoenix and Peoria with their snoring and obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy (dental mouthpieces).  They help maintain airway patency during sleep to lessen the number of apneas or obstructions and the resultant oxygen drops that occur. For more information visit, or call for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Wilcox at 602-978-1790.