Links Between Oral Health and Systemic Health

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Dr. Chip Whitney who is double board certified in Family Medicine is a leading advocate of closing the "oral-systemic gap" between dentistry and medicine.  He states "Gum bleeding usually seen as blood in the sink, is a sign of oral inflammation or infection.  This creates an open door to the flow of bacteria from the mouth into the bloodstream and spraying everywhere.  Whereever those bacteria land, they have the potential to elicit the same inflammatory reaction that they do in the mouth in those distal organs like the pancreas, uterus, brain and arteries.  As a champion of preventive medicine, Dr. Whitney sees great effectiveness in the Perio Protect Method of treating gum disease.  Dr Whitney again states, "I have seen countless patients significantly improve their blood tests simply by improving their oral health, thus lowering their risk of heart attack and stroke.  For more information on how you can enjoy better oral and systemic health, visit with our professional hygiene staff about Perio Protect.  For more information visit, including information about oral preventive services in our Glendale dental office.