Missing Only One Tooth? Dental Implant Versus Bridge

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Although our staff’s dental implant training is extensive, Desert Smiles is a comprehensive general preventative and cosmetic dentistry serving people in and around Glendale and Scottsdale.

So it’s common for patients to seek out our Phoenix-area implant dentist, Dr. Wilcox, when they want to compare or contrast various options for treating the same dental problem.

Consider people who are missing only one tooth. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons says about 7 out of 10 young American adults falls into this category.

That statistic goes up with age and other health considerations.

Many patients ask: If I’m only missing one tooth, do I really need a dental implant?

We do offer superior bridges and partials at Desert Smiles. But here’s one reason to consider a more lasting dental implant for a one-tooth problem:

An implant, which now lasts 20 years or more, keeps the solution to your single missing tooth localized in the area of just that tooth. The issue remains a “one-tooth problem.”

A bridge, on the other hand, would require dental work on the teeth surrounding the one that’s missing, and that would mean that your one-tooth problem becomes an issue with several teeth.

Of course, each patient is unique, and Dr. Wilcox is prepared to answer all of your questions about dental implants versus dentures or bridges.

When you’re ready for a consultation with a skilled and experienced dental implant specialist, please contact Desert Smiles online for an appointment for call our office directly at 602-978-1790.