Olympics and Neuromuscular Dentistry equal a Gold Medal for Bode Miller | Arizona Neuromuscular Dentist

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At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver B.C. Bode Miller won the gold medal for the slalom run. As pictured below, Bode uses a Pure Power Mouth Guard to enhance his performance. Neuromuscular dentistry fixes your bite and jaw to the best position. This improves athletic performance & increases strength, endurance and flexibility.


Our Neuromuscular Dentistry office, Desert Smiles, is versed in the latest techniques and testing to fit you for a PPM & similar mouthguards. It’s an easy process and EVERYONE should have their bite checked out.


"Proven benefits of Neuromuscular Dentistry include:

Improved Sleep

Improved Athletic Performance (New Orleans Saints, NBA players and Professional Golfers have all had success with the PPM)

Weight Loss

Improved work performance

Improved Cardiovascular Function

Reduce or Eliminate Migraines

Improve Posture"