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In a continuing effort to increase customer satisfaction here at Desert Smiles, we do customer surveys after their appointment.  We have included these reviews and testimonials in other blog posts.  Here we will include the actual statistics from these surveys. We ask our patients six different questions, all meant to improve their experience. 1.  How would you rate your overall visit? 89% of patients answered: Excellent. 9% of patients answered: Very Good. 2.  When your appointment was over did you have a good understanding of your dental situation? 98% of patients answered: Yes. 3.  Were your financial options explained to you? 51% of patients answered: Yes. 46% of patients answered: I already understood my financial options. 4.  Did you have to wait past your appointment time to be seated?  If so how long? 90% of patients answered: No. 5.  Did our team greet you properly? 99% of patients answered: Yes. 6.  Would you refer your family and friends to us? 99% of patients answered: Yes If your looking for the best dentist in Phoenix, you should consider these statistics and customer satisfaction in your decision. Donald Wilcox is a Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix Arizona.  He also is a sedation dentist in Glendale and is a member of the IACA - International Academy of Comprehensive Aesthetics For the full survey results, click the image below.