Perio Protect Treatment Shows Dramatic Results for Glendale Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

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Dr wIlcox results 001At our Glendale dental office the DesertSmiles team offers the Perio Protect Method to control oral bacteria and gum disease.  The above before and after graphs are from Dr. Wilcox's personal results with the trays.  The bacteria test from OralDNA Labs showed unsafe levels of oral bacteria present prior to beginning the Perio Protect Trays for Dr. Wilcox.  This was in spite of flossing a couple of times a day and brushing at least 3x daily as well as using Listerine daily. As you can see from the follow up testing a few weeks of tray wear either totally wiped out the bacteria strains present or reduced them to a very acceptable level below their threshold to cause disease.  Clinically the results were just as dramatic as well. But the benefits are even greater as new research each month continues to connect the oral bacteria to cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and inflammatory related diseases such as arthritis.  If that wasn't enough reasons to explore the Perio Protect method to manage your oral health and improve systemic health, the therapeutic gel in the trays whitens teeth as well.  Visit or for more information.  For the finest in cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix and Scottsdale call the DesertSmiles team at 602-978-1790.