Phoenix Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox and DesertSmiles Staff attend Advanced Training

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This week at our Glendale Dental Office, Dr. Donald Wilcox and the entire staff received advanced training in the latest research and techniques for non surgical periodontal therapy and care for our Glendale and Phoenix patients.  Kim Miller RDH MS led the extensive program to upgrade our ability to provide the latest and most successful help for our patients and the health of their gums and bone to support their smiles.  Healthy gums are not only vital to maintaining our teeth and fresh breath, the bacteria in the mouth can easily enter the blood stream when we have gums that bleed and have a dramatic effect on the health of our heart, diabetes, arthritis, and even fetus birth rate and weight.  This Oral-Systemic connection is becoming one of the hottest topics in medicine as we learn the critical importance inflammation has in causing many disease such as heart attack, strokes, and diabetes.  The bacteria living in the mouth can have a major impact in systemic inflammation.