Phoenix Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox Offers Most Effective, Non-Invasive Treatment for Gum Disease

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Perio Protect is a revolutionary method to treat gum disease.  It combines conventional treatment protocols with a medical device called a Perio Tray to place bacteria killing agents below the gum and in between teeth where pockets exist.  The Perio Tray has been shown to deliver oxidizing antimicrobials where traditional brushing and flossing cannot reach.  These agents are capable of dissolving the bacteria biofilm matrix that cause gum disease.  The tray is custom fit to your mouth according to the diseased condition around each tooth.  For most Phoenix dental patients it is a matter of minutes a day of tray wear to control the pathogens causing the infection.  Finally you can take control of your oral health and avoid bleeding gums, tooth loss and the need for more extensive treatments such as gum surgery.

Not only does this help control the bacteria level in your mouth like never before, it aids your overall health as the same bacteria that reside in your mouth are also associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis in the newest medical research.  To learn more about this easy, non surgical alternative to better oral and overall health, visit  Or visit our Glendale dental office for an evaluation and discover if you are a good candidate for Perio Protect.