Phoenix Sleep Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox Attends Advanced Training

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April 20-21,2012 Dr. Donald Wilcox attend the spring conference of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines of which he is a member.  The conference dealt with a number of the most popular and latest oral sleep appliances for snorers and those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.  Ellen Crean PhD, DDS lectured on "Establising Conditions for Appliance Use" which reviewed the importance of nasal issues and tongue position in the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy.  Rod Willey, DDS, spoke about the Herbst appliance which we successfully use for Glendale and Peoria snoring patients.  Dr. Mark Abramson is the inventor of the OASYS appliance which we are currently incorporating into our options for Phoenix sleep apnea patients.  It is a very unique design which shows great promise and results which we are excited to offer to our patients.  It increases nasal patency and also works to position the tongue more forward out of the airway besides allowing for forward advancement of the jaw. An appliance that requires no mandibular advancement whatsoever was presented by Bryan Keropian DDS.  The appliance actually positions the tongue out of the airway and showed a 90% compatibility for patients.  This will give us another option for patients who cannot tolerate CPAP but struggle with advancement appliances and keeping their TMJ and muscles comfortable. For more information regarding mouthpieces for snoring and CPAP intolerance with sleep apnea visit