Poor Sleep Linked to Dimentia, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Obesity

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Consider this staggering statistic: one in three people over 65 will die with dementia.  So what can a lifelong battle with proper sleep do to you in your golden years?  Will a seemingly "harmless" struggle to get a good night's sleep in your prime,  position your body for ill health later on? Unfortunately, studies increasingly are pointing to YES.  Sleep matters.  Today. Tomorrow. And long into our futures. The single most important thing you can do today to safeguard your health tomorrow might not be just what you eat and how you move.  It must also include how well you sleep. Don't ignore snoring as just an irritant.  It is very often associated with sleep apnea and  a multitude of health risks.  Visit our Phoenix Center for Sleep Dentistry and have yourself tested.  We are saving and improving longevity and quality of life daily with Oral appliance therapy for our Glendale and Peoria patients. For more information about snoring and sleep apnea, sedation and implant dentistry in Scottsdale visit www.DesertSmiles.com.