Pure Power Mouthguards and Golf, Shaq and PPM

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Several PGA professionals are using the PPM and endorsing the product.  I am no PGA professional, but I am happy to report a noticeable increase in distance of drives since I started using the PPM.  My strength, balance and flexibility tests all show significant improvement, so it is no suprise my drives are going 20+ yards farther.  The PPM can not make you swing better.  But when you do make a good swing the results will be improved and thus, can make you a better golfer.  It is exciting to see the possible improvements I can make even at an amateur skill level with the help of the Pure Power Mouthguard.

Shaquelle O'Neal of the Phoenix Suns was fitted for the Pure Power Mouthguard prior to the season.  He wore it only in workouts until about a month ago when he started wearing it in games.  If you watch him on TV now you will see the PPM.  Over the stretch of games since he started wearing the PPM, he has perfomed much like the Shaq of years past will many double doubles and a 30+ point game.  If the PPM can help one of the top NBA players of all time, think what it can do for you if you are a serious athlete or work hard to keep in great shape.

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