Regain Your Confidence with Dental Implants

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If you are missing one or more teeth, call Glendale implants dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox to learn how he can restore strength, beauty, and function to your smile. With dental implants, Dr. Wilcox is able to address both the missing tooth and its root, enabling him to help prevent jaw shrinkage and collapse, a common consequence of missing teeth.

Not only can dental implants prevent jaw collapse, they can restore complete strength and function to the smile. Restored with natural-looking crowns, bridges, or dentures, implants provide the framework for a healthy-looking smile that can increase confidence, boost self-esteemed, and help you feel more secure in your appearance.

To schedule a dental implants consultation at our Glendale office, please call 602-978-1790. Dr. Wilcox provides safe and effective tooth replacement services for men and women living in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, and all surrounding areas of Arizona.