Salivary Testing for Oral Bacteria: Phoenix Dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox

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At our Glendale dental office the professional staff of hygienists provide the latest in non-surgical periodontal therapy.  As a integral part of that regimine we offer salivary testing for our Phoenix and Glendale dental patients.  Without salivary testing it is not possible to know accurately what the bacterial levels and types of bacteria present that are causing the periodontal disease.  With saliva testing we can:

1.  Identify the causative bacteria

2.  Determine a therapeutic endpoint

3.  Better risk assesment

4.  Determine risk level of recurrence

5.  Help select the best therapy approach and antibiotic selection

Incorporating this information gained from testing enables personalized care.  Knowing the types and strength of pathogenic bacteria ahead of time allows us to tailor the treatment plan with greater accuracy than ever in dentistry.  If sites do not respond to therapy we have a much better idea why rather that guessing.  It is totally painless and only takes a few minutes of your valuable time.

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