Sedation Dentistry Options to Relieve Dental Anxiety

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We all know that daily oral care and regular checkups are the best paths to long-term dental health. But some patients are so afraid of visiting the dentist that they put off the care they need. With sedation dentistry, this need not be the case. Dr. Donald Wilcox is a Scottsdale sedation dentist with the knowledge and tools to make your next visit to our office painless and relaxing.

At Desert Smiles, we are pleased to offer oral conscious sedation to our patients. Dr. Wilcox will prescribe and administer an oral sedative to you before you undergo treatment at our facility. We typically use Triazolam, which is a Schedule IV substance in the same class as Valium.

The oral sedative will calm you, allowing Dr. Wilcox to care for your teeth while you remain comfortable and relaxed. This not only relieves anxiety on your part, but it also lets our staff work more efficiently, meaning we can complete your dental care in less time than we might otherwise need.

Prior to your appointment, we’ll ask that you refrain from caffeine, alcohol, and narcotic drugs. We’ll also request that you not wear contact lenses. And because you’ll be drowsy after your procedure, we will require that you have a friend or family member drive you home to ensure your safety.

If fear of the dentist’s office has kept you from getting the oral care you need, please contact Desert Smiles today to learn more about your sedation dentistry options. We serve patients in the Scottsdale, Arizona area.