Sleep Apnea and Headaches for NFL Star

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Last month it was reported Minnesota Vikings star receiver Percy Harvin had found the cause to his long-time suffering from migraines.  Harvin, who lost consciousness and had to leave practice in an ambulance on August 19th, found his answer in an overnight sleep study.  The test determined that Harvin has sleep apnea.  Eight times during the sleep test he stopped breathing for up to ten seconds at a time.  The doctors suspect Harvin wasn't getting enough oxygen while sleeping, which affected his performance on the practice field. Migraines can be very challenging to prevent and treat and may require TMJ type treatments such as neuromuscular dentistry.  But sleep apnea has a clear solution that works on many people.    No sooner did Harvin start using a CPAP than his sleep was transformed.  And so was his track record with migraines; he no longer needs medication for them. For more information on snoring and sleep apnea treatments such as oral appliances in Phoenix and Peoria, contact Phoenix sleep apnea dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox.  For examples of Phoenix veneers visit