What is Bone Grafting and will I need it for Dental Implants?

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Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that augments deficient bone. In a dental implant procedure, bone grafting is necessary if there is not enough healthy bone below your teeth to support the dental implant.

You may have deficient bone in this area for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Missing tooth
  • Gum disease
  • Jaw injury

Patients interested in dental implants sometimes have deficient bone because of the missing tooth they are seeking to replace. The roots of your teeth promote and sustain healthy jawbone. When you are missing a tooth, the bone below your gums begins to disintegrate over time. These patients often must have bone grafted to the site of the dental implant before the dental implant process can begin.

In a bone grafting procedure, bone is taken from somewhere else in your body and moved to the bone supporting your teeth. In some cases, it is necessary to use synthetic bone or bone from a donor. Once the graft heals, your dental implant procedure can begin. There is no way to tell if you need a bone graft without being examined by a dentist.

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