Why are Dental Implants Made of Titanium?

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Dental implants must perform the difficult task of replacing your tooth’s natural root. Because of the specialized functions performed by dental implants, there are very few materials which can successfully get the job done. For many reasons, the most effective of these materials is titanium.

Titanium is a biocompatible metal. As a result, your body will accept the material as part of its structure. This helps facilitate the osseointegration process, in which the dental implant fuses with your jawbone over a period of several months. Non-biocompatible materials are not suitable for use because they may be rejected by your body, potentially jeopardizing the success of osseointegration.

Another advantage of using titanium for dental implants is that it is a very strong metal for its weight. This allows your dental implant to withstand the tremendous forces exerted during biting and chewing. Titanium also forms its own rust coat. While materials such as iron will powder and flake during the rust process, titanium becomes stronger and more airtight. In addition, titanium is resistant to the corrosive effects of acids, salts, and oxygen. These properties provide for a more durable restoration that should be able to last a lifetime.

As an added bonus, titanium is nonmagnetic. This means you will not have to worry about your dental implant setting off metal detectors at the airport.

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