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April 01st, 2008

Dr. Wilcox spent two days last week at the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics in Austin, Texas. This is a group of elite dentists from across the U. S. who specialize their practices in providing the finest in cosmetic dentistry, as we do for patients in Glendale, Phoenix and other sections of Arizona. For more information visit our website or call 602-978-1790. Whether you are interested in Lumineers, porcelain veneers and crowns, dental bleaching or other restorative dental procedures you will find valuable information.

February 03rd, 2008

December 3, 2007 is now a watershed moment in the history of fluoridation in the United States.  At that moment, California's largest water agency completed its efforts to fluoridate the water that reaches some 18 million residents in southern California - the single largest expansion of fluoridation in the U. S.

The California Dental Associaiton Foundaton worked with the California Fluoridation Workgroup - a broad coalition of experts and stakeholders - to bring the issue to the MWD board of directors.  They provided scientific, educational and financial support to assist the water agency in approving tnd implmenting the plan.

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February 02nd, 2008

Nearly one in five adults or more than 40 million Americans say they do not have adequate access to the health care they need because they can't afford it.  This is according to the Health, United States, 2007 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report indicates that nearly 20% of adults said they needed but could not afford one or more medical, oral health, prescription medicine, mental health or vision services.

Dental data cited in the report:

Sixty one percent of adults in 2001 had dental coverage compared with 86% of adults with medical insurance.

On average Americans paid out-of-pocket for about half of the costs of their dental care in 2003.

About one-quarter of persons aged 65 and older were edentulous in 2005.

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January 08th, 2008

According to an artilcle on the website of the American Dental Association, Norway has acted to discontinue the use of dental amalgam.  The action was part of a sweeping effort to restrict the use of mercury and was done so largely for environmental reasons.  Sweeden evidently may have taken similar action.

At DesertSmiles we discontinued the use of dental amalgam over ten years ago over similar concerns for our patients.  As we strive to provide the finest in Glendale restorative and cosmetic dentistry, we feel composite and porcelain restorations are not only more aesthetic in appearance but are more biocompatible.  With their bonded placement to tooth structure we also feel they add more strength to our patients teeth.

For more information on restorative or cosmetic dentistry in the Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona areas contact Dr. Donald Wilcox DDS at DesertSmiles, 602-978-1790, or visit

November 28th, 2007

Potential difficulties for U. S. health care system are emerging as more prescription drugs and their ingredients are imported.  FDA inspectors visit most foreign drug manufactures only once every eight to twelve years.  The government may not even know the identity of half of the companies that export pharmaceuticals to the U.S.  While 3,000 foreign companies are believed to ship prescription drugs to the U.S., the FDA is scheduled to inspect just 300 of those firms this year.

Federal law requires the roughly 3,300 domestic drug manufacturers to face an FDA inspection once every two years.  Foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers face no such requirement, and the actual number of companies shipping prescription drugs to the U.S. may be as high as 6,700.

As we always have, Dr. Wilcox orders all of our sedation dentistry supplies and medications from the most reputable U.S. supplier available.  In providing the finest in Glendale cosmetic and restorative dentistry, your safety is our upmost concern. 

November 27th, 2007

Dr. Wilcox returned last week from an extensive training program in one of the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry - Durathin Veneers. The program was led by Dr. Dennis Wells in Nashville, Tennessee. A select group of some of the top cosmetic dentists in the country were present, including leaders from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Durathin Veneers are a cosmetic procedure where the teeth are not prepared as in traditional veneers. Only about 30% of patients desiring a smile enhancement are candidates for this technique. The marketing of the Lumineer product has created a greater awareness of the possibilities of non prep veneers. We feel Durathin is a superior product based on our experience and research with other high quality cosmetic dentists. We are proud to be only one of two Arizona dentists who have been trained to offer this outstanding service.

We will be adding some photos of cases soon to our website. If you would like to learn more about the possiblities of Durathin veneers visit

November 07th, 2007

Dr. Wilcox, Shelley, Joyce, and Kim attended three days of intense training at Dallas Digital Dental Solutions last weekend. In our quest to bring you the finest in Phoenix cosmetic and restorative dentistry, this training allows us to upgrade the quality of our photography tremendously. This will allow us to communicate more effectively with our patients regarding their condition and treatment options. We will also begin taking our own after photos here in the office and be able to offer our smile makeover cases beautiful after prints. Look for new photos in our Smile Gallery early in 2008. Traveling, time out of the office, tuition, new camera, and new software requires considerable expense. But without constant improvement and investment, we can not provide the best in cosmetic dentistry in Glendale and the state of Arizona.

October 03rd, 2007

The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has awared the Seal of Acceptance to Wrigley Orbit Sugar Free Gum, Wrigley Extra Sugar Free Gum and Wrigley Eclipse Sugar Free Gum.  These are the first chewing gum products available to receive the Seal.  CSA awarded the three Wrigley products the Seal after reviewing laboratory and clinical studies showing "that the physical action of chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after eating stimulates saliva flow, which helps prevent cavities by reducing plaque acids and strengthening teeth."

August 10th, 2007

A study appearing om the Journal of Periodontology found bacteria commonly found in the mouth, and associated with periodontal diseases, in the amniotic fluid of some pregnant women. Amniotic fluid is a liquid that surrounds an unborn baby during pregnancy. Disruptions in the amniotic fluid, such as bacterial infection, could potentially be dangerous to both the mother and baby. "While this study's findings do not show a direct causal relationship between periodontal diseases and adverse pregnancy outcomes, it is still important for women to pay special attention to their oral health during pregnancy," explained Dr. Miller, President of the American Academy of Periodontology.

June 10th, 2007

A study in the May issue of the Journal of Periodontology identifies lifestyle factors that have the most impact on periodontal health.  Done in Japan from 1999 to 2003, the study found the number one lifestlye factor that independently impacted the progression of periodontal disease was smoking.  Hours of sleep closely followed.  Those participants who received seven to eight hours of sleep exhibited less periodontal disease than those with six hours or less.  High stress levels and daily alcohol consumption also demonstrated a significant impact on disease progression.

As we strive to deliver the best in Phoenix cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we realize periodontal health is paramount for longevity of our treatment.