Tooth discoloration is often a consequence of aging. It may also be the result of consuming dark foods and beverages, tobacco use, and inadequate oral hygiene. Fortunately, whitening teeth that have become yellow is not at all difficult.

Types of Tooth Stains

There are two types of stains that can impact teeth: intrinsic (below enamel) and extrinsic (above enamel). Extrinsic stains can be treated with topical teeth whitening solutions.

At Desert Smiles, we offer in-office whitening with Boost along with professional-strength take-home kits. At-home whitening with our customized kits is safe, easy, effective, and versatile; it can serve as a stand-alone service or be used for maintenance following an in-office treatment.

Intrinsic stains do not always respond well to topical teeth whiteners. These stains, often caused by fluorosis or antibiotics in childhood, may require a more advanced cosmetic dentistry solution. Depending on your needs, your desires, and the extent of your staining, Dr. Tenney may recommend dental veneers or bonding for this purpose.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Tooth sensitivity and soft tissue irritation are common with store-bought tooth whitening kits. Inferior bleaching gel and one-size-fits-all application trays exacerbate this problem. Choosing to have your teeth professionally whitened can reduce your risks.

The in-office tooth bleaching system we use is formulated to help reduce sensitivity. Professional application helps prevent solution seepage, which further reduces risks by keeping gel off of the gums and tongue. Our take-home kits come with customized application trays which serve the same purpose: to keep the solution on the teeth, but off of the gums, while ensuring a consistent shade reduction on every tooth in the mouth.

If you struggle with tooth sensitivity, taking an over-the-counter analgesic like Tylenol® or Advil® can help reduce discomfort following tooth whitening as well. Any discomfort should subside within a few days so long as proper care is taken of the teeth.

Will Brushing Yellow Teeth Make Them White?

Using a mildly abrasive toothpaste can remove some surface stains. Professional cleanings can remove some as well. Optimal tooth whitening may not be possible with toothpaste, though a good toothpaste can certainly help maintain results. During your time in our care, we will provide you with personalized recommendations based on your oral health, number of restorations, and similar factors.

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