When it comes to dental care, patients are often mistaken about several basic facts. The prevalence of certain dental myths among the general public has led to a lot of misinformation. Below, we debunk five of the most common dental myths:

  1. Losing your baby teeth because of tooth decay doesn’t matter – Most people assume that tooth decay is not a major problem in baby teeth since they eventually fall out anyway. Unfortunately, tooth decay in a baby tooth can cause damage to the developing tooth below it, and if a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent tooth may grow in out of position.
  2. Poor oral health only affects your mouth – Research has shown that gum disease is connected with other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Treating gum disease may help with the management of these other conditions. Conversely, leaving it untreated can worsen them.
  3. More sugar equals more tooth decay – It is not the amount of sugar you eat, but the amount of time that the sugar is in contact with your teeth that does the damage. When slowly-dissolving candy and soda are in the mouth for a longer period of time, the oral bacteria from the sugar forms acids that heighten the risk of tooth decay.
  4. The harder you brush, the better – Brushing too hard for too long does more harm than good. The enamel on the surface of your teeth can wear down if your brushing is too overzealous, leading to tooth sensitivity and other problems down the road.
  5. Using a toothpick creates gaps between your teeth – Toothpicks cannot force spaces between your teeth. However, gum disease is frequently a contributing factor to gapped teeth.

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