about cavities and porcelain veneers

Yes, it is possible to get a cavity with porcelain veneers.  The veneer itself can't decay, but any part of the tooth that isn't covered by the dental veneer can still get a cavity.

The good news is that this kind of cavity is easy to fix, as long as Dr. Tenney or the hygienist at Desert Smiles catch it early.  Be sure you are faithful with your regular checkups. It is also easy to see. There isn't really much difference between fixing a cavity on your natural teeth, versus having the veneers. It's the same process. There is one slight difference if it occurs right next to the porcelain, which is that a special bonding procedure needs to be used to bond the composite filling material to the porcelain veneer.

The junction at the edge of the veneer is the most susceptible place for decay. But we really see very little decay around veneers, because these patients seem to take much better care of their teeth once they've invested in a beautiful smile.  Veneers (MAC made with empress or feldspathic cases like Lumineers or Durathin veneers) are bonded to the tooth structure with a laser so they are extremely well sealed with the adhesive process.

For more information contact Dr. Nathan Tenney of Desert Smiles Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry serving the Glendale, Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona area. Free porcelain veneers consultations are available to new patients!

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