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Fixed Dental Bridges

Scottsdale Dental Bridges PatientsIf you are missing a tooth, a permanent dental bridge can often be made to replace it. It should look and feel natural, without hooks or clasps, and stay in permanently, allowing totally normal function. When teeth are missing the remaining teeth begin to change position, and this can lead to numerous problems, including loss of more teeth. A fixed bridge will prevent teeth from shifting, and stabilize your bite. To have a bridge made, call the dental office so the doctor can evaluate the area and discuss specifics with you.

Before Dental Bridges in Phoenix        After Dental Bridges in Phoenix
Before Dental Bridge           After Dental Bridge

This gentleman had been wearing a removable denture for many years.  With his business growing he felt the need to have a better smile for his professional life as well as his personal self-image.  Needless to say he is extremely happy with restorations that feel like real teeth and look great!  Dental implants would have been another option to support the missing teeth either with bridges or permanent dentures.

Before porcelain Bridges in Scottsdale After Porcelain Bridges in Scottsdale
Before Porcelain to            After All Porcelain Bridge

Metal Bridge

The ability to place all porcelain bridges built on a zirconium core has dramatically improved the esthetic results possible when replacing missing teeth.  They have the strength of the old style porcelain to metal bridges with much more natural appearance.  They will never develop the grey line at the gumline associated with porcelain to metal restorations. Teeth whitening was applied to the remaining teeth.  Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Tenney are always appreciative when great patients select us over the many cosmetic dentists in Phoenix.

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