Dental Telescopes

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Have you ever noticed your dentist wearing different glasses when working on your teeth?  These glasses called “dental loupes” are actually surgical telescopes that enlarge his viewing of your mouth.  With 3.5x magnification,  the size of the image (tooth)  is enhanced.  Also with the additional use of an overhead fiber optic light, the clarity of the image is greatly improved. 

By using both the light and the surgical telescope, proper ergonomic position is achieved.  Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Tenney can now view the dark, recessed areas of the mouth and no longer has to hunch over his patient.  Using this advanced technology helps to prevent eye strain, neck and shoulder tension or lower back pain.  Dental procedures can be performed with less fatigue and more comfort.

The benefits for the patient is enormous.  The increased clarity provides a means to diagnose conditions that would otherwise be undetected.  During procedures, Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Tenney can make minor adjustments that can  result in major improvements in the quality of treatment.  As a Glendale cosmetic dentist, he is  acutely aware how superior visualization can enhance technique-sensitive procedures such as porcelain veneers, root canal procedures, crowns, and aesthetic dentistry.  Extra attention to detail can be done immediately to achieve higher quality restorative dentistry.

Wearing these surgical telescopes and fiber optic lights enhance diagnostics, treatments and patient satisfaction. Better vision means better results - who doesn’t want that?