Detecting and treating tooth decay at the earliest point possible is the goal for all dentists. The problem is, dental caries (tooth decay) is not always obvious and easy to diagnose, particularly in the early stages. To improve the odds for early detection on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, Dr. Donald Wilcox uses the DIAGNOdent caries detection aid. The DIAGNOdent is a portable laser unit that finds these cavities and alerts us. In the past a dentist had a dilemma when a tooth looked suspicious. He could treat the tooth which may or may not have a cavity or he could wait and see and the potential problem could continue to grow. The DIAGNOdent makes early detection easy and even provides a numerical readout that allows your Scottsdale dentist, Dr. Wilcox, to track the size of the lesion. Small, newly formed cavities are easier to treat and the smaller restorations required preserve more of the natural tooth. This helps maintain a strong tooth structure and the possibility of breakage later on. When a tooth has a great deal of decay many times a simple “filling” can no longer be used to restore the tooth – more complex restorations such as inlays, onlays or crowns may be needed. The DIAGNOdent has proven to be over 90% accurate in the early diagnosis dental caries. This early diagnosis and treatment allows Desert Smiles to provide the best, most cost effective dental treatment options for our patients in the Peoria, Arizona area. Please contact us today to find out more dentistry with DIAGNOdent and about preserving your healthy smile.

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