Porcelain dental veneers are placed over the front of teeth that have been marred by cosmetic imperfections. This can include gaps, irregular tooth sizes, crooked presentation, and similar types of minor malocclusion. It can also include structural issues such as chips and cracks, or strictly cosmetic issues like deep stains.

Once placed over the front of the teeth, dental veneers become the new “face” of the treated tooth, serving to present a flawless and beautiful appearance. Sized, shaped, and shaded to match adjacent teeth, porcelain veneers allow for a completely natural-looking smile that, when cared for properly, will continue to shine for several years to come.

But do Porcelain Veneers Stain? And, If So, Is There Anything That Can Be Done About It?

Porcelain is stain-resistant. This is one of the reasons it makes sense as a dental restoration. While surrounding enamel may become darkened through food and beverage choices, lifestyle factors, and the simple process of aging, dental veneers can hold their luster long after being placed. It is important to remember that “stain-resistant” and “stain-proof” are not the same thing. Dental veneers can eventually darken, particularly if oral hygiene habits are allowed to lapse.

Once stained, dental veneers cannot be whitened. They can, however, be replaced. At Desert Smiles, Dr. Nathan Tenney can even replace one veneer at a time, addressing only those that require an upgrade to help ensure consistent results without completely redoing your treatment.

What About Surrounding Teeth?

The teeth surrounding dental veneers can become stained or discolored, which may make your veneers look a little out of place. This is nothing to worry about. When adjacent teeth need to be lightened, a simple tooth whitening treatment will often suffice. We offer both in-office teeth whitening and take-home kits that can be used to lighten your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless appearance throughout.

We offer a full range of cosmetic services to help keep your smile looking healthy and strong. If you are curious to learn more about porcelain veneers or any of our other services, please call Desert Smiles at 602-978-1790 to schedule a consultation today. We welcome patients from Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, and all surrounding areas of Arizona.

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