Quality dental care can require a significant financial investment.  Many Phoenix residents consider traveling to Mexico due to its close proximity in hopes of saving considerable dollars for dental treatment.  The question is will you really save money in the long run?  The initial fees will definitely be less, but if dentistry is not done to the highest standards, problems can quickly develop and lead to costly remakes, discomfort and even tooth loss.  Having to travel back to Mexico when problems do arise is inconvenient and often times people find that there is no warranty on faulty work.  In the last few months we have redone a significant amount of dentistry for two patients that was done in Mexico.  The quality was poor to mediocre at best and problems had developed in a few months, including not being able to wear an appliance made, need for crowns to be redone, root canals needed and even tooth loss in one case.

Dentistry is difficult to do and when placed in the mouth is subject to constant forces trying to break it down.  Even the very best dentistry will not last forever.  But if poor work is placed, whatever initial savings can be lost very quickly when problems and pain develop and work has to be redone.  Based upon the work I have seen coming out of Mexico, I would caution patients seeking care there to be careful about assuming they will save money in the long run.  At DesertSmiles Dr. Donald Wilcox provides the finest in cosmetic, sedation and implant dentistry, but we also stand behind our work when any problems arise to help our Phoenix and Glendale patients receive long term value.  Lower fees initially does not mean you are saving money.  You may well be embarking on the most expensive, inconvenient and painful treatment plan if the quality is not exceptional and there is no warranty for the treatment.

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