iTero Digital Impression System

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At DesertSmiles we are proud to offer the latest in dental technology for creating beautiful veneers, crowns, bridges and even sleep appliances for snoring and sleep apnea treatment without the need for impressions.  If you have ever had impressions taken the taste is not always the best, and if you have an active gag reflex the experience can be quite traumatic.

Dentists everywhere recognize the importance of an accurate impression to their fabrication of a precisely fitting restoration.  With ITero, easily flawed conventional impressions are replaced with highly accurate 3D digital impressions of the oral environment.  The images are immediately emailed to the laboratory where veneers, crowns and bridges, implant restorations or sleep appliances can be made.  The scans can be made to print extremely accurate models or integrate with a CAD/CAM system to fabricate casework "modeless" in a highly effective and accurate manner.

Scottsdale Dental Technology

ITero is the market standard for digital efficiency.  2012 marks five years of unprecedented growth and more than 750,000 restorations placed.  Using a laser camera to capture 3D images in the mouth, restorations fit at seating 99% of the time, virtually eliminating remakes.  ITero enables us to eliminate the guesswork witnessed with conventional impressions and model making to deliver consistent, accurate restorations for our Phoenix and Glendale patients.

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