Phoenix dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox and his team of dedicated professionals at the DesertSmiles dental office in Glendale, strive to provide long term value in the cosmetic and implant dentistry we deliver to patients from Phoenix and Peoria.  Patients will be able to find lower fees than our office as well as a significant number of offices in the Valley who charge more than we do for our services.  But what we challenge prospective patients to find is a better value, as that is our number one goal.

Cosmetic Smile makeovers or implant restorative procedures require a blending of art, science, experience, and training.  Dental procedures are complex and unique to each case.  They are not a commodity where you will get the same quality no matter who provides the care.  Your investment into dental services represents much more than just the initail cost of the services themselves.  You are investing into a lifetime of better interactions with others, increased self image and confidence, and of course health and well being.  When you can take this viewpoint, it is easier to realize the initail cost is only one factore in finding the right place for your dental care.

It is not that you should not consider the price of your procedures, but you should not choose based only on initial cost as that supposed initial savings can evaporate very rapidly for a variety of reasons.  For example, is the quote you are given firm, or can it balloon unexpectedely during treatment?  Is there a warranty on the procedures?  If problems develop, are you going to have to be paying significant funds again?  What is the training and experience level of the dentist?  Can you view before and after cases of other patients with similar treatment you are considering?  Does the office have a significant number of positive reviews?  What are past patients saying about their long-term results?  Reputation, time in business, quality of laboratories used, office cleanliness and quality of staff all contribute greatly to long term value.  To ignore all of these other factors and only go with the lowest initail cost can be one of your worst and most expensive decisions ever.

If you are thinking about the value you will receive in the long haul instead of just focusing on the upfront costs, Phoenix dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox and DesertSmiles would be an ideal dental office to visit for a complimentary consultation about your dental goals.  For the finest in cosmetic and implant dental care in Glendale and Phoenix visit for more information.

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