Understanding why your dentist is suggesting certain procedures is sometimes difficult. The intra oral dental camera makes it much easier by allowing you, the patient, to see what the dentist sees. The intra oral camera is a small video camera that projects the images from inside your mouth to the television screen. Using this device your Scottsdale cosmetic dentist can show you problems such as cracked teeth, leaking margins in old restorations, large mercury fillings that are beginning to break down, problems with gum tissue or suspicious areas on other tissues in the mouth. The intra oral camera magnifies these problem areas allowing you to easily see the reasons for the treatments being suggested. Dentistry today can help patients avoid many painful and expensive treatments by preventing existing problems from getting worse. The old, broken down mercury filling can be replaced by a tooth colored composite resin thereby avoiding additional decay and perhaps a root canal or crown. You cannot feel these ongoing problems, because they do not cause pain or discomfort until much, much later – therefore many people put off having the treatment needed until it is too late. The intra oral camera gives a magnified, full-color picture of your mouth allowing for a full discussion of the obvious problems and treatment options with Scottsdale dentist Dr. Donald Wilcox. Please contact Desert Smiles today to discuss how technology such as the intra oral camera can help you achieve your optimal dental health.

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