“With the Saints getting to their first Super Bowl in the team’s 44-year history, Makkar said he feels the results speak for themselves.
“Early on there was a lot of criticism; people who said it was just a placebo effect and that it didn’t work,” Makkar said. “So it’s nice to see that criticism go away.”
One of the biggest steps in that direction happened on Nov. 1, while Makkar was at the Super Dome as the Saints hosted the Atlanta Falcons. John Gruden, a former NFL coach turned Monday Night Football analyst, bragged about the mouthguard on the telecast and showed clips of Saints players making big plays in that game.
“I’ve played the Saints twice a year,
I’ve coached against these guys. I’ve never
seen these guys jump higher, I’ve never seen these guys play like this,” Gruden said on the telecast.
“That was one of the biggest things for me,” Makkar said. “He told the world about it.”
Later in the season, on Dec. 7, the Colts players, including tight end Dallas Clark, placed orders for theirs.
The Saints dropped their final three games of the regular season, finishing 13-3, but Makkar said he wasn’t concerned.
“It’s hard to go 16-0,” he said. “They had some injuries and they had already made the playoffs so they rested some guys so I wasn’t really surprised.
“But they shot back pretty good in the playoffs. It was all strategy by the coaching staff.”
But no matter what happens on Sunday, Makkar said he’s already overwhelmed with how the season has shaken down for the Saints.
“It’s already a great achievement,” he said. “This was their first NFC Championship and if they won their first Super Bowl it would be the icing on the cake.””

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