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I’m Dr. Nathan Tenney. It has been a long road to become a dentist, but when you work so hard for something that you want so much… it’s been fun.

I graduated from Midwestern University in 2013. After graduating from Midwestern, I went fulltime in the Army. I went Active Duty.

I love all aspects of dentistry. It’s hard to pick one certain specialty – and that’s why I enjoy root canals, I enjoy extractions, I love implants, cosmetics is just so great, it fascinates me. I can’t really narrow it down to one particular area.

Desert Smiles is a fantastic office and the people here are even more amazing. And when I walked in the office and met with Dr. Wilcox, I knew that this is where I wanted to be for the rest of my career.

What I admire most about Dr. Wilcox is his endless pursuit of clinical excellence. And so, I just want to follow in those footsteps. I really would like the current patients to know that they’re in good hands: the team is still here, the support network is still here, I will do everything in my power that they get the absolute best care that they’re used to having.

I’d love future patients to understand that we take care of our patients like family. The future of Desert Smiles is as bright as ever because of our current team, because of our patients, and because of the foundation that has been started here. And that foundation will continue as long as we’re open.

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